Smart Home Lighting & Automation in 2018

One of the simplest ways to get started with home automation is with lighting scenes.  This is often the most asked about thing because it solves common issues we deal with everyday.  We have all come home to a dark house and stumbled around to find the lights!  Or, how about the famous question “who left the lights on?”

In this video I take a look at some of the common ways to automate your lights from simple timers based on sunrise and sunset, to motion, and reed switches!  It does not matter if you have LIFX, HUE, or simple Z-Wave or WiFi modules, they will all work to help you start and automate your lighting.

The topics of this video can be achieved with any smarthome controller such as Smartthings hub, Wink hub, Vera or Insteon, but I will demonstrate some simple rules to get you up and running in openHA2.

—- Items I use all the time for my Home Automation —-
Z-Wave Stick Hardware –
Raspberry Pi –
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit –
Smartthings V2 HUB –
Wink Hub –
Vera Hub –

—-My Camera Video Gear —-
Sony A6500 –
Smallrig Cage for Sony A6500 –
Sony 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens –
Rode VideoMic –


Below are some of the simple rules I demonstrated in the video.

To monitor and set a variable for a motion detector, then turn on or off a light!

rule “Banggood Motion Sensor”
Item motion_BanggoodMotionSensor changed
postUpdate(motionStamp_BanggoodMotionSensor, new DateTimeType() )
if(BanggoodLEDStrip.state == “OFF”) {
sendCommand(“BanggoodLEDStrip” , “ON”) // ZWAVE – Banggood LED Strip

And this is the simple rule for turning off that same light after 10 minutes without any motion.

rule “BanggoodLEDStrip OFF”
Item SunElevation changed
if(now.minusMinutes(10).isAfter((motionStamp_BanggoodMotionSensor.state as DateTimeType).calendar.timeInMillis)) {
if(BanggoodLEDStrip.state == “ON”) {
sendCommand(“BanggoodLEDStrip” , “OFF”)

These two rules are the starting blocks to building a more complex set of automation to help make your home a Smart Automated Home!