openHAB2 Setup – Web Based Rule Engine

So you have openHAB up and running, now what?  Time to create some rules and make things happen.

Traditionally creating rules in openHAB has been accomplished using config files written in a form of programming language.  They are fairly simple, but can be pretty intimidating for someone just getting started.  In the following video I walk through the process of installing and creating some simple rules with the openHAB2 “experimental” UI based rule engine.  Don’t be afraid of the “experimental” part of that name, the rule engine is fairly new for openHAB, but you should be able to create rules that would rival the likes of Smartthings or Wink with this tool.

With these first two videos you should be able to get a complete smart home automation system up and running fairly simple.  This will give you the chance to try things out.  If you have not already take a minute to subscribe to my youtube channel so that you are the first to know when more videos come out, hopefully just in time for you to take some more advanced steps!

Hope you enjoy, and please leave comments, thumbs up so that I know you are interested in more videos!

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