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Best Tech Gift Ideas under $100 Dollars

I know what your thinking, but once you get over the shock, you will thank me! Its that time of year again and I have prepared the first of two lists to help find the perfect tech gift under 100 dollars. Sometimes its harder to find smaller tech gifts for […]

Amazon Echo Spot Review – A interesting device.

I have been using Amazon Echo devices in the house for a while, I have a Amazon Echo, a couple of Echo Dot’s and the FireTV so I avoided Amazon’s new offering of the Spot as I thought it was just another Echo!  I recently got the chance to try […]

Smartthings Hub in 2018

Smartthings home automation is one of the best hubs you can buy.  If you are looking to make your home a smart home this is a simple place to start. In September 2012 SmartThings secured $1.2 million through a Kickstarter campaign.  In August 2014, SmartThings announced that they had reached an agreement to […]

Home Automation Tips & Tricks #4 – Notifications

Beep, Beep Beep – do you have fantom notification syndrome, you know the feeling that something is buzzing in your pocket and your phone is nowhere near? One of the first things you will do with Home Automation is setup notifications for your IoT smart home devices, some times so […]

Smart Home Lighting & Automation in 2018

One of the simplest ways to get started with home automation is with lighting scenes.  This is often the most asked about thing because it solves common issues we deal with everyday.  We have all come home to a dark house and stumbled around to find the lights!  Or, how […]

Best Home Automation HUB for you!

You could be looking to automate a simple task, or thinking you want to have the most automated home on the street, first thing you need to know is what system (and HUB) will be right for you. In this video I take a look at some of the most popular […]

OK Google, Open my Garage!

“OK, Google, can you please open my Garage door” . “Open Sesame” You can do it too, and for a nerd stunt, the kids seem to think its pretty cool!  And yes, you can control it from your phone, and / or your Google Home! So, I did this one […]