Best Home Automation in 2018

It’s 2018 and home automation is not just for geeks anymore, bits and pieces can be found in every big box store and online site!  Even my parents have lights that turn on and off with a schedule! Its about security, convince, and a little might even be a bit addictive and shhhh, fun!

But now that you have a door bell that tells you when amazon is there, a lock that you can open from your phone and lights that can change the mood with just one click!  What’s next?

It’s time to tie all of these stand alone devices together with a central hub or “brain”!  Something that can take them to the next step.  Next time Amazon rings that doorbell, why not turn on some lights, or record the moment with your Nest camera? When open your garage, how about unlock your door, turn on some music and turn on the lights in the house!

You need a “hub” the question is, what is the best home automation hub in 2017 to manage and control all of these devices!