Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System Review

So I have never been one for security cameras, I always felt if there were security cameras, there must be something wrong!  But seems I am in the wrong and for good reason as more and more of my neighbours have been installing them with only positive things to say.  It seems there is so much more to do than watch for bad guys with a security system.

So it was perfect timing that a company called Lorex reached out to me and asked me if I would like to review there 4K four Camera Ultra HD Security system.   This system came with everything that I needed to setup and install including 100 feet of ethernet cable for each camera.  There were 2 dome cameras, 2 bullet cameras, the NVR (network video recorder) and all the mounting hardware needed to set things up. Everything arrived in one big box, with another 5 boxes inside; one for each camera and one for the NVR.  The system they sent me came with four cameras, but has the capability to add 4 more if I need.

4K Ultra HD IP NVR System, 8 Channel with 4 Outdoor 4K IP 8MP Metal Cameras, 2 Audio 4x Optical Zoom Cameras, 250FT Night Vision


The NVR itself is the “brain” of the system.  It looks like a DVD player with similar controls on it.  This little black box comes with a 2 TB hard drive which can store about 16 days of continues footage from the included 4 cameras.  This can be greatly extended by changing the recording schedule to only record motion, or by adding additional hard drives to a total of 12 TB for the system.

I choose to set everything up on my bench before I ran the cables and mounted everything in its final place, this allowed me to make sure everything worked before I found myself in tight spots and up on ladders.  Setup was simple, plug each camera into the NVR with the provided ethernet cable, plug a monitor (not provided) into the NVR with a HDMI cable and plug the NVR into the wall, that was it.  Once I powered on the system it took a few minutes to power up.  The cameras all get powered from the ethernet cable using PoE or “Power over Ethernet” this is a standard used for office phones and wireless access points, it means no adapter or power is needed at the camera making it super easy to setup.

1000 Feet of Cat6 Network Cable
1000 Feet of Cat6 Network Cable

As the system booted, the images from each camera started to appear on the grid on the monitor screen, and that was it.  I was impressed that the system found and setup each camera automatically, I have worked with systems before that required me to input each camera, configure network and image settings to get to this point, but Lorex has some how made this simple plug and play.

So with everything setup I installed the mobile apps on my phone, and I say “apps” since there are a number of different ones that all do about the same thing.  I believe that some are legacy apps left around for older systems and some are newer that start to bring things together.  I would suggest starting with FLIR Secure as it seemed to be the best for this system.

One of the things that was really nice about the Lorex system was how fast it was able to scan and display recored material.  I was able to jump around to different time points and the video instantly came up on the screen.  Fast forward, and rewind worked great and as you would expect (not something I have experienced with other systems).  And the picture itself was fantastic, the 4K image meant that I was able to see everything in the frame clearly and using digital zoom allowed me to pic out details like license plates and clearly see faces of people on the screen, this of course it probably the most important part since a security system in which you can’t even see what you want, when you need to is pretty much useless.

Overall I would say this is the simplest system I have ever setup, and I have done many in a business setting often requiring the added expense of an electrician to install the required cabling for power. (this was the first at home).  Using PoE and cat5/6 cabling is easy and super smart as you have future proofed you install with the ability to simple change NVR or cameras in the future without requiring new cabling.

So in the end, my opinion has changed, with my security system I am able to solve the small mystery’s such as who has been chewing up my lawn at night, and what happened to the TV I put at the curb.  It has allowed me piece of mind to see my house is safe and secure while away on vacation, and to see my family playing safe at home when I am away.

Everything from this review is available on Amazon, I have provided affiliate links below – clicking them helps us both as you go directly to Amazon, and I get a very small commission from Amazon if you choose to buy from them.  This helps me keep this blog and my youtube channel up and running!


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