LIFX vs Philips HUE – Which would I choose?

Choice is good, making a choice can be hard!  Especially with so many different products in the Smart Home Automation sector picking the right one for your home can become an expensive challenge.

Smart home lighting is flooded with many different products, some are good quality and some are right out junk.   Today I want to look at two of the highest quality brands and tell you which I would choose and why.  LIFX and Philips HUE!

Philips HUE bulbs have been around the longest, they were one of the first mainstream home automation products to be sold in big box stores and is probably the reason they are so well know.  Over the years they have increased the number of products from a single bulb, to many different types of bulbs, LED light strips, LED tiles and spot lights.  At the center of the Philips HUE ecosystem is still the HUE Hub, this hub is what talks to the HUE Bulbs, and then all your other applications can talk to the hub.

LIFX, originally a successful kickstarter which launched with only 1 multi color LED bulb has also expanded over the years.  They too have released a number of different form factors for the common LED bulbs, as well as LED light strips, LED tiles (which look just like they sound, tiles that light up that you can stick to the wall).

Now, to find out which one I would choose for my smart home, and why – watch the attached video to find out!

Philips Hue Starter Kit

LIFX Mini Color

LIFX Light Strip

Philips HUE Light Strip