Smartthings Hub v3

SmartThings Hub version 3

Samsung has released the third generation of the SmartThings hub.  This is a great sign as it proves Samsung is dedicated to investing in the smartthings home automation platform.

Samsung Smartthings Hub version 3 review

Along with the new SmartThings Hub v3 Samsung has release a load of new sensors from 2018.  Water leak, button, multipurpose, outlet, proximity and an updated motion sensor flank the new hub.  These sensors are all Zigbee based sensors and will work flawlessly with the Samsung Smartthings hub.

The new hub is cheaper than the past models, but it does make a few cuts to the specs that don’t seem to make much difference.  First off, they cut the amount of RAM in the device, and they removed the backup battery, something I never quite understood the need for.

Overall, If you are looking or a new hub this is the perfect option at a great price point, but if you already have a Samsung Smartthings version 2 hub, I might hold off as upgrading requires you to delete everything from your old hub, and then start completely new with the new one – this could be a BIG job for someone that has a complex set up already!

And just because, check out the great binding to connect your new Smartthings Hub to openHAB2 – this was you can let Smartthings manage things its good at (zigbee), and the power of openHAB can help you do more!

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Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation

Smartthings Water Leak Sensor

SmartThings Button

SmartThings Motion Sensor 2018

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor 2018

SmartThings Outlet 2018

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