Smart Home Halloween Hacks

Smart Home Halloween Hacks

Halloween is one of those occasions that is perfect for showing off what you smart gadgets can do.  It’s hard to go wrong, RGB lights, such LIFX and Philips Hue are great to create the mood.  The LIFX app even has special modes for halloween to help make all your bulbs work together to create that spooky scene you were looking for!  

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Add a smoke (fog) machine, as super simple way to really add that spooky feeling to your halloween party!  It’s super simple to use, just add fog juice, yup, that’s what they call it and turn it on!

Music and sound FX are a must!  Use your Sonos, or Google Home to not only play music and sound FX, but combine with SmartThings, openHAB or your favorite home automation controller to customize the scary sounds using a motion or contact sensor to time the screams perfectly!

Finally, get things moving!  Use an old record player, or a photography turntable to help make heads spin!

Check out my latest video to see some of these ideas in action, I had a bit of a cold so my voice is “off” but don’t worry it will be back to normal soon!

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