Meet Joan – Meeting Room Booking System

If you are like me and work in technology, you probably already know that boardrooms can be a challenging thing to deal with.  The fact is that no matter what form of technology you throw at them, they are used by so many different people, with different needs, skills and etiquettes. What can be perfect and simple for one, might not work, or feel complicated for another.

We have been looking to solve one minor issue for a while now, and that is board room booking management.  This is providing a simple way for people to know what conference rooms are booked and which are available.  We tried a number of different options, but none worked as well and as simple as Joan!

Joan –

Joan was simple to install, setup and use. Joan is an e-ink tablet so it only needs to be charged every couple of months and unlike a traditional tablet, nobody will try to use it for other purposes leaving it dead, missing or broken!

Many of the systems we tried required a kiosk, or mounting hardware for an ipad, or android tablet. The problem is that these tablets are often unplugged and left dead, or worse people play with them, install games, and they go missing, or end up broken. The boardroom management software might be awesome, but not if you can access it.

This is why Joan shines, the device is perfect for what it does, and on top of that the software works perfect, and does not over complicated with too many options, just what you need to book, release or find a boardroom.

Check out my review, or better yet head over to Joan and purchase a device to try on one of your boardrooms, it’s inexpensive way to even try it out in your office and finally solve a people problem that has been around since caves had boardrooms!

Joan –