Smart Home AV | Orei HDMI Extender Cable over Single CAT5 with IR Control

Do you ever find yourself moving your game console from one TV to another.  How about paying for 2 cable boxes when you only ever watch one of the TV’s at a time.  I ran into the same situation in my house, we have all of our game consoles in the basement but sometimes we want to use them upstairs so we end up moving them back and forth.

Well that has all changed with the Orei HDMI extender.  With this small little device I was able to run a single cat5e cable from the basement to the TV upstairs, connect the receiver upstairs, and the transmitter downstairs and I was able to extend my HDMI up to 164 feet.  Since the Xbox’s controllers are wireless, we are able to play on the TV upstairs or downstairs and all we need to do is bring the controllers upstairs.  In fact we have even played with one person upstairs, and one down before!

OREI 164-Feet HDMI Extender Over Single CAT5/CAT6 EX-165C

OREI 500-Feet HDMI Extender Over Ethernet CAT5e/CAT6

1000FT Cat 5e Cable

RJ45 Ends

RJ45 Crimp Tool

Tool for helping make cables