Android TV / Plex and VPN

I recently did a review of one of the best Android TV boxes I have ever used since the original Google Nexus Player.  The Nvidia Shield is a super fast box that has a number of extra tricks up its sleeve.   For starters it’s also a full fledged gaming box, complete with a controller, on top of that you can add a Smartthings key to make it a full blown smartthings hub.

First app I always install is Plex!  If you have not used Plex before its a super clean well thought out app that allows you to view all of your media content.  From movies and TV, it also has a full fledged music player, as well as podcasts, news and even live tv if you add an OTA usb tuner.  You can turn Plex into a full fledged DVR if you go this route.

Next on the list is Kodi! Kodi is the evolution of XBMC if you remember back that far.  Kodi is also a great stand alone media player, but even more is the excellent support for plugins to 3rd party media streaming services.   Now please keep in mind copyright laws when you use these because they are different for everyone.

Now if you are using these apps, it’s always good piece of mind to use a VPN service to anonymize your location, or access services such as Netflix, Hulu or Vudu which may not be available in your geographic location. 

For this I use PureVPNPureVPN is a super fast and simple to use VPN service that will allow you to access US, UK, Canada servers and thus local content as if you were in those regions.  

On top of localized access, PureVPN will also provide a super secure connection to your services.  This way you can access banking, email and other sensitive services from unsecured wifi hotspots in Airports, hotels etc.

PureVPN can be installed on all devices, Mac, PC, Android and iOS and will make sure you are protected from attacks.

To sign up for VPN service at super low rates (and support my channel) follow this link and see what the current offer is.  At the time of this writing it was 1.32 a month (or 88% off!)

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