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Best Fathers Day Gift for a Perfect Steak every time!

I enjoy steak, but for some reason its always better in a fancy steak house than it is at home.  I have gotten pretty good at cooking it the way I like, but its never quiet the same twice.  After asking once at a fancy steak house how they got […]

Amazon Echo Spot Review – A interesting device.

I have been using Amazon Echo devices in the house for a while, I have a Amazon Echo, a couple of Echo Dot’s and the FireTV so I avoided Amazon’s new offering of the Spot as I thought it was just another Echo!  I recently got the chance to try […]

Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System Review

So I have never been one for security cameras, I always felt if there were security cameras, there must be something wrong!  But seems I am in the wrong and for good reason as more and more of my neighbours have been installing them with only positive things to say.  […]

Smartthings Hub in 2018

Smartthings home automation is one of the best hubs you can buy.  If you are looking to make your home a smart home this is a simple place to start. In September 2012 SmartThings secured $1.2 million through a Kickstarter campaign.  In August 2014, SmartThings announced that they had reached an agreement to […]

OpenHAB2 Z-Wave Setup

So you have your smart home automation up and running, now it’s time to really expand using a Zwave mesh network! Zwave is a low-energy wireless protocol that is very common with home automation devices and makes up a large part of the IOT marketplace. Hubs like SmartThings, Wink and […]

openHAB2 Setup – Web Based Rule Engine

So you have openHAB up and running, now what?  Time to create some rules and make things happen. Traditionally creating rules in openHAB has been accomplished using config files written in a form of programming language.  They are fairly simple, but can be pretty intimidating for someone just getting started.  […]