OpenHAB2 Z-Wave Setup

So you have your smart home automation up and running, now it’s time to really expand using a Zwave mesh network! Zwave is a low-energy wireless protocol that is very common with home automation devices and makes up a large part of the IOT marketplace. Hubs like SmartThings, Wink and […]

openHAB2 Setup – Web Based Rule Engine

So you have openHAB up and running, now what?  Time to create some rules and make things happen. Traditionally creating rules in openHAB has been accomplished using config files written in a form of programming language.  They are fairly simple, but can be pretty intimidating for someone just getting started.  […]

openHAB2 SIMPLE UI no config files!

Yes, there was a time that installing open source software was scary, but the job of any good open source software solution is to grow up and compete with there commercially backed brothers and sisters! That time for openHAB is here.  In the following video I walk you through the […]

Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor 6 – Smart Homes can stop water leaks!

Have you ever gone away on vacation and not turned off the water?  Have you heard a horror story from friends about flooding, or the dreaded waterfall coming down stairs after arriving home from a relaxing vacation? If your house has water, then this video is for you! Floods can […]

Best Gift Ideas for KIDS | 2017 Holiday Xmas Season

Looking for some amazing gift ideas for kids that they are going to love (because they are tech related) but aren’t just another video game leaving them on the couch. Check out this list of some of the top gift ideas for kids this holiday season. Coding for Kids – […]

How to protect your Nintendo Switch with a Mumba Case!

I have you heard of the hottest new video game console this holiday season. The Nintendo Switch is a new console that can switch instantly between a portable tablet style gaming system, and one that the whole family can enjoy on the big screen. If you purchase the Nintendo switch, […]

Home Automation Tips & Tricks #5 – AUDIO

Smart Home Automation is not complete until you hear the music!  Audio is a simple way to pick up your game and add another form of input and output from your home.  The follow video looks at simple ways to integrate the Sonos line of products with your Amazon Alex, […]

TOP 9 Things to Automate in your Smart Home

So you like the idea of smart home automation, but you just don’t know where to start.  How about taking a look at 9 of the most common things you can automate easily in your home! Looking to keep going, here are some of the products that I use in […]

Home Automation Tips & Tricks #3 – stay OPEN to options!

Technology is always changing and sometimes it can become tiring to constantly try to keep up.  Often once technology professionals find a solution they are good with, they say they are now and “expert” and they stop looking.  Don’t make this mistake! I would suggest that the best way to be […]

Home Automation Tips & Tricks #4 – Notifications

Beep, Beep Beep – do you have fantom notification syndrome, you know the feeling that something is buzzing in your pocket and your phone is nowhere near? One of the first things you will do with Home Automation is setup notifications for your IoT smart home devices, some times so […]