Smart Home Halloween Hacks

Smart Home Halloween Hacks

Hack your Halloween with your smart home automation gadgets! Lighting, music and FX can turn your home into the haunted house you wanted.

LIFX vs Philips HUE – Which would I choose?

Choice is good, making a choice can be hard!  Especially with so many different products in the Smart Home Automation sector picking the right one for your home can become an expensive challenge. Smart home lighting is flooded with many different products, some are good quality and some are right […]

Google Home Hub #madebygoogle

Google took to the stage to announce its newest wares in a hardware event yesterday. Along with the newest #pixel3 devices they spent a lot of time talking about Google Home, and specifically a new product called Google Home Hub.

Gift Ideas – Weather Stations, Remotes, Bluetooth and more!

I have worked with many different smart home automation systems in the past and the first thing that all of them suggest you setup is the weather.  Weather widgets, weather feeds, weather dashboards even on iPhone and Android even though its a stock app, people often look to upgrade the […]

Best Tech Gift Ideas under $100 Dollars

I know what your thinking, but once you get over the shock, you will thank me! Its that time of year again and I have prepared the first of two lists to help find the perfect tech gift under 100 dollars. Sometimes its harder to find smaller tech gifts for […]

Best Fathers Day Gift for a Perfect Steak every time!

I enjoy steak, but for some reason its always better in a fancy steak house than it is at home.  I have gotten pretty good at cooking it the way I like, but its never quiet the same twice.  After asking once at a fancy steak house how they got […]

$9 Smart WiFi Mini Plug Review

Home Automation and smart home gadgets are great, but they can be expensive especially when you need a bunch of them to get this working the way you would like.  Recently I had a chance to try out a Nine dollar Smart WiFi Mini Plug from VANZAVANZU. The switch is […]

Amazon Echo Spot Review – A interesting device.

I have been using Amazon Echo devices in the house for a while, I have a Amazon Echo, a couple of Echo Dot’s and the FireTV so I avoided Amazon’s new offering of the Spot as I thought it was just another Echo!  I recently got the chance to try […]

3 MILLION Dollar Smart Home Tour 2018

Have you ever imagined what its like to live in a multi million dollar home? How about one that has been fully outfit with the latest and greatest smart home automation gear from professional companies like Crestron. I recently had the chance to tour this amazing smart home with Chris […]